CDML 1-Splott Phoenix Bowls Club Founded 1990

Splott Phoenix Bowls Club Founded 1990



DivIsion 1

Caerphilly Town14806948-6684
Barry Romily1440101024-10667
I have no records of results for the following games that were called off, if any of the games below
have been played can the home teams please inform me of the results.
League Coordinator

Week !
Barry Romily     77     12pts  V  Ynysybwl     74    74    2pts   September 1st
Ferndale     111     14pts     V  Troedyrhiw       37     0pts    September 7th
Week 4
Troedyrhiw       42     0pts    V  Gilfach         87        14pts      September 6th
Week 5
Ynysybwl     79     4pts      V        Caerphilly Town     84     10pts   September 7tyh
Week 6
Caerphilly Town   63    8pts    V  Gilfach    61    6pts
Week 11
Gilfach  V  Troedyrhiw September 22nd
Ferndale        60     12pts     V      Caerphilly Town    51    2pts
Week 12
Ferndale     66   2pts    V     Gilfach       77    12pts   September 1st
Troedyrhiw       83       14pts       V       Barry Romily      57    0pts    September 14th

Pontypridd B.C. Notice
Due to the closure of the bowls green in Pontypridd Park
certain dates have had to be re-aranged, as follows,
Pontypridd    75    10pts   V      Gilfach   61   4pts
June 15th to June 16th

Pontypridd V Barry Romily
June 23rd to August 10th

Pontypridd             12pts       V        Caerphilly Town         2pts
July 13th to July 28th

Bargoed V Pontypridd
June 29th to 17th August
Saturday 1st June

Gilfach    97   12pts   V     Bargoed    55   2pts  New Date 6th June
Caerphilly Town    81    12pts    V      Barry Romily    73    2pts
Ferndale V Ynysybwl   New Date June 15th
Pontypridd     54     0pts     V      Troedyrhiw    106    14pts

Saturday 8th June

Ynyhsybwl    91    12pts  V      Gilfach    61   2pts
Barry Romily      97    10pts    V     Bargoed   70   4pts
Pontypridd     62    1pt     V     Ferndale    87   13pts
Troedyrhiw    84    10pts    V      Caerphilly Town    63    4pts

Saturday 15th June
All games off Curruthers

Re arranged Game from Week 1
Ferndale  79   4pts    V    Ynysybwl   102    10pts
Pontypridd  75   10pts   V     Gilfach   61   4pts  Played 16 June 2019
Bargoed    96     12pts    V   Caerphilly Town  64    2pts   Played 14 July 2019

Saturday 22nd June
Troedyrhiw    V    Gilfach  (Off Curruthers)
Pontypridd    V     Barry Romily

Ynysybwl    86    12pts    V    Bargoed    69    2pts
Caerphilly Town    75    4pts   V     Ferndale     81    10pts

Saturday 29th June
Gilfach    88     12pts    V   Ferndale     53   2pts
Barry Romily     71    3pts    V    Troedyrthiw     92    11pts
Bargoed     81     2pts     V     Pontypridd    83     12pts
Ynysybwl    V      Caerphilly Town

Game Off Caerphilly Town International Player Duties  

Saturday 6th July
Caerphilly Town     V     Gilfach   (Off Curruthers)
Ferndale     94    12pts   V    Barry Romily    57   2pts
Troedyrhiw    72      4pts      V   Bargoed     75     10pts   (Off Curruthers) New Date August 4th
Pontypridd    69    3pts   V    Ynysybwl     88    11pts

Saturday 13th July
Gilfach   84     12pts    V     Barry Romily      64    2pts
Bargoed      63      0pts     V     Ferndale    80   14pts
Ynysybwl       72     10pts    V        Troedyrhiw    66     4pts
Caerphilly Town      84     11pts    V     Pontypridd      72    3pts

Saturday 20th July
Bargoed      83      12pts     V       Gilfach       59    2pts
Barry Romily       80     4pts     V     Caerphilly Town        85    10pts
Ynysybwl     72     2pts      V        Ferndale       93      12pts
Troedyrhiw       99      12pts        V      Pontypridd      56    2pts 

Saturday 27th July
Gilfach       94     13pts       V      Ynysybwl       57      1pt
  Bargoed       92    10pts     V      Barry Romily     71     4pts
Ferndale     109     14pts    V      Pontypridd     66    0pts
Caerphilly Town    72       10pts    V      Troedyrhiw     69     4pts

Saturday 3rd August
Pontypridd     63   0pts      V       Gilfach    100    14pts
Ynysybwl     68    2pts    V      Barry Romily      83      `12pts
Caerphilly Town      83     12pts    V      Bargoed     75      2pts
Troedyrhiw     77    10pts   V   Ferndale      68     4pts    

Saturday 10th August
Gilfach      V    Troedyrhiw
Barry Romily     89    10pts    V     Pontypridd    63     4pts
Bargoed   63      10pts      V     Ynysybwl      55     4pts     (OFF RAIN) replayed
Ferndale    V      Caerphilly Town  (OFF RAIN)

Saturday 17th August
Ferndale   V   Gilfach  (Off WBA Finals)
Troedyrhiw      V     Barry Romily   (Off Rain)
Pontypridd      40    0pts     V     Bargoed     112     14pts
Caerphilly Town     68    1pt     V      Ynysybwl     87       13pts

Saturday 24th August
Gilfach     88     12pts    V      Caerphilly Town     66    2pts
Barry Romily      65     2pts     V     Ferndale     89    12ptys
Bargoed     72     14pts   V      Troedyrhiw    44    0pts
Ynysybwl     70    12pts   V     Pontypridd      60    2pts

WEEK 14 
Saturday 31st August
Barry Romily    75    2pts   V     Gilfach     77    12pts
Ferndale      71     4pts   V     Bargoed     73    10pts
Troedyrhiw     77    3pts   V    Ynysybwl    83     11pts
Ponrtpridd         12pts     V         Caerphilly Town        2pts