Phoenix 1990 - 2014-Splott Phoenix Bowls Club Founded 1990

Splott Phoenix Bowls Club Founded 1990

Splott Park

The greens at Splott Park were constructed in 1906, below is an aerial picture of the greens and the park in 1948, the Splott Phoenix Green is the green on the left. The right hand side of the park was turned into allotments during the war, the park didn't return to its original form until 1949. The band stand is visible in the middle of the park, just to the left of the bowling greens are 4 grass tennis courts, to the right is Splott Park open air swimming baths.

Below is the Splott Park in 1968, by this time the football pitches have been replaced, the band stand that stood in the middle of the park has also gone.

We are now almost up to date with the picture below taken in 2013, the new bowls pavilion is on the green this was built in 1991, the tennis courts are gone, there is a new indoor pool, the fields are marked out for summer baseball, and to the far left top corner, the new Splott Clinic is being built, this was finished in 2014.

This latest image below shows Splott Park 2017, only one green and the new Hub